Saturday, September 21, 2013

yesterday night
went to F1

thought i wasnt able to make it
LuTing scared me too
but got in
and had quite a nice view too
first time i was so glad im tall
slept a bit while waiting though

watching them live
right i front of me

TaeYang's dancing
T.O.P rapping
GD SeungRi and DaeSang
they were damn cute to
when they were speaking english
Seungri and T.O.P.

but really

and TaeYang
even though it was ending
he kept asking to sing one more songs
damn touched :')
and i finally get what people meant when they say
Bigbang are having fun when they are on stage

worth every mnutes of waiting

Monday, September 16, 2013

went to Bishan
to have lunch with ANNABEL
went Ramen Play
after that went to library
didn't really do anything
kind of just hang around
was really fun :)

went MBS
first time going there
that's not school or work related

cause she wanted to go Garden by the Bay
first time there too
and we went to the top
it was really beautiful
at night with all the scenery
with Annabel :)

we kind of just walked around
looking at all the lanterns
joking around again

went with her all the way to Bishan
and she showed me her wallpaper


Thursday, September 12, 2013

went cycling with the OG freshies
a first for me
from East Coast Park to Changi
in total was 36 km I think

for me
was quite fun
especially when we had to cycle to catch up with the rest
cause my chain dropped out :/
but I managed to fix it

oh we had to teach HP how to cycle
and she fell...
...into mud X(

just cycle at full speed all the way
and Bedok Jetty
a very beautiful place
though no shade

when we caught up with the rest
they were all resting and eating mooncakes
from there is the damn long straight road
wah can die

all~ the way to change
had horfun
not the old Ipoh horfun
at least didn't taste like it did :/

oh and I went to buy the sugar cane juice
the little was so~~ cute XD

and we cycled all the way back
was very fun
more fun than I expected

Sunday, September 8, 2013

my first sub-AGM

I shall start from when I received the sms
that I was nominated for Megafair PD
but I rejected it
don't think I can do it

today at the sub-AGM
first of all
I guess you can call it my first meeting for anything
was damn shack
even though just sit there only

didn't expect to go up give a speech
but someone nominated me for FAC
I think that's when all hell broke loose

actually I think I impressed myself
with my own answer(haha...) as well as the fact
that I dared to go give a speech
or something like that

will type the question and my answer here

from the FAC
they asked what if a lot of freshies left halfway during the camp
and how would you encourage your members?
so I said that as we have take up the responsibility on providing them the camp
it's our responsibility to watch it till the end
even if there's only one members left
as for what the PD should do
the PD has no rights, or rather his/her responsibility not to show their disappointment
as for the rest of the people
how to motivate them depends on the situation

the question from Megafair was
would you hold the fair outside lt27 again?
I suggested lt 25 where theres more traffic
I also elaborated on some of my other ideas
on how to get publicity
for example giving free gifts like balloons
to get their friends interested
as well as selling cute stationeries
and hopefully this will spread the news about our booth by words of mouth

theres still a couple of questions
but I think this 2 are the one that I answered the best

so maybe you think my answers impressed the rest
but I think the fact I rejected all these roles
puts me in a rather negative light :/

will talk about the cohesion in the next post/tomorrow

Monday, August 19, 2013


I told Annabel that I like her

and she said no right away
more in shock than anything
I think
I hope

we were at Bugis library
after visiting Bras Basah's Popular

I had fun
before and after
she too seems alright
hope I didn't trouble her

at night
she whatsapp me
to like check if I really like her


Saturday, August 10, 2013

went out with Annabel today

went for lunch at Tonkutsu King in Tanjong Pagar
was really authentic
so much so that I thought the cashier will talk to us in
was not bad
at least they let you choose the toughness of the noodle
and free flow of hard boiled eggs and bean sprout

after that went to Bugis to shop
from Bugis Junction to Bugis+
and then to Haji Lane

met Yanyu with her sis on the way there
damn lucky
probably the last time I met her
wah when she said the next time we meet is next year
wah I felt damn sad
( T.T )

after that we went to NLB
at first we went inside
after that the garden inside
but in the end we came out

sat outside and talked
about OG and stuff
then went up to look at the Campaign exhibition

before we went back
went to get NanDaeMun Chicken cutlet
passed her the present before she left


do I like Annabel
so far i'd say yes

not very sure
but when she left a few days from camp
I really miss her

I think its cause shes cute
nice to talk to
but I realise this only recently
after talking to her in lecture

but she has a boyfriend
so I don't have a chance I guess

what will be will be

Friday, August 9, 2013

way overdue
but here I am

group was Mort
called ourselves Mort Mort
and was with Seth again

the people
guys mostly
thought we wouldn't really get along
all those normal guys
but they were funny
I think they tried a bit to accommodate me
a bit
or maybe they are just really good at getting along with other people
even me

camp was fun
FAC was more fun
but still
it was more fun than I first thought
the HTHT at night was crazy though
slept like 2 or 3 everynight
have no idea how I survived
almost everynight went to NUH for supper
crazy ah us
last night I was so sleepy
I hit my head on the table

after that camp
we had inauguration
after that we went to drink
talked about relationships
but mostly gossip

after that was rag
well it was flag
but I didn't go
a bit wasted
JingHui who joined them was damn fun
rag was okay
got pissed off with all~ the people who kept standing
after that we went plaza sing for KFC
to discuss the next day outing
kept drifting off

and so here we are
at marine barrage
was fun
met JingHui
a very fun person
really enjoyed talking to her
she had to leave early though
she tried to threw me before she left though

after that
played saboteur
flew kite and Frisbee
the kite flew after Seth tried for a long time
then a kid also played with us
I was damn pissed with the mum
was fun

and here we are
or rather
here I am
getting ready for school
don't whether to smile or not :/

Saturday, July 20, 2013

i'd say this blog isn't dead
but even I wont believe it

but seriously
staying at home
there's nothing to talk about
maybe after I start uni?

maybe I should talk a little bit about my trip

ive talked a bit about Korea
so i'll talk a bit bout Tokyo?

wasn't as fun his time round :/
maybe cause ive been here already?

but it was fun
meeting Charmaine was the highlight
and it was fun
meeting up
in Tokyo no less

first day went for sushi
made a fool out of myself
a bit
but was fun
went to the Disney place after that

second day
met her at her place
Tama, Fuchu City if i'm not wrong
had the Nepal curry and went shopping after that
Ghibli Museum was okay, same as the first time
then went to met with friends of Charm's
third day, had dinner at her place

and the day after that is back to Singapore
the trip to the airport was hellish to say the least

imma list everyone(tourists) ive talked to on my trip this time around
first was the America-Born Chinese
then the Malaysian family
the 3 HK girls
French twins
the Korean tour guide
the Korean palace guide
the American tourist who needed help with the concession card
who else
that's all for Korea I think
oh and a Japanese lady who look like my age
met most of them in Namu

In Japan
a German girl who was with her Family
not much

oh I 'talked' to this Singapore-born Japanese girl
was really pretty
im assuming shes a uni or starting uni this year
since shes visiting her grandma in Japan
seems smart too
a really nice person

my last two trip
to Tokyo and Seoul
seems to make me appreciate culture more
not only theirs
but I kinda feel that it would be a waste
even a loss
if we do not conserve the culture here
in Singapore :(

Wednesday, July 3, 2013


here i am
in Korea

one thing i really wanna say
staying in guesthouse is really REALLY fun!

you get to meet people from all over the world
my four nights here
i've met a malaysian family
an ABC
a french twins
and 3 HK girls

too bad i'm not really that good at talking
i've tried
but not really a convo :/
i really want to learn more languages
not like a few words or sentences :(

Saturday, June 29, 2013



Freshmen Adventure Camp 2013...

more so than what I expected
mainly because of the company

so Day 1
there I was
walking into the lt
and the seniors (Seth)
was doing the woosh/long john actions
and I was wondering how i'm going to keep up with him
the rest of the day was the icebreakers and field games
and I was really bad at them
like really really bad
made me realise again who I am

night was the Assassination
was fun
all the sneaking around and stuff
but our luck was bad
though it got better at the end

after that we had 'supper'
just some cheese fries

and slept at like 2+am

day 2
started with photoshop
learned a bit
though notes would be useful

following that
was the games around NUS
we did better
way~ better
way way way~ better
but what was more fun was the mind fuck games
Russell knew a lot
the What's next...
and Around the World in 80 days
How many meh meh jumped over the wall

 night was Running Man!
quite fun
I think it was the first time I held a girl's hand
AiLan was her name
she was a bit tomboyish
I was quite okay with it

the HTHT
(heart to heart talk I learned)
was quite a disaster
left halfway through during the HTHT with Helios

Day 3
morning was the CORS bidding course
pretty useful

followed by Amazing Race
was fun
lucky we got 'Skip a station'
if not...

night was Cluedo
was damned pissed with myself
all haughty
giving theories like I know better
in the end
i'd say we were the furthest away from the truth
what as asshole I was
but it was fun
the process
the interview and thinking part
I guess

the HTHT on the last night
was mostly spent on writing cards
and cheese fries
and butter chicken

Last Day!
was Sentosa!
was really really fun
not only the games
but the walk there and the interactions
the talk
when everyone finally opened up
(including me)
was really really enjoyable

lunch too
talked mostly with LuTing
as well as the debrief

the trip back was...
well a bit awkward
but nothing wrong with that

like what JiaZhi said
'I miss the campp'

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Before Sunset

somehow this movie was way faster than the previous
though its different by only a few minutes
maybe because there's a less location?
i'm not sure

I've no idea if they were acting
or if its really their mannerism
you can kind of see that they're more mature
more comfortable with themselves
the way they sit and talk

the first half of the movie connects more with me
when they talked about the people
the world
and so on

love the part when they started talking
and it feels like
two friends who really haven't met up in a long time
and are really excited

the second half
I don't really connect?
cause it's about
love, and relationship and marriage
(HuiJun told me about this and I got it now)
and well, i'm haven't even been in a relationship yet
when they tried to touch the other person but held back

and now
different from the previous film
is the intimate part
the previous film
they were afraid because they were awkward?
afraid of getting rejected and spoiled the whole night
it's because too many is at stake
their marriage
their life
their kids(or his kid)

and the conversation in the car
was different
it allowed them to express themselves
which is where they expressed their true self
so different from all(and I meant the 2 movies) other scenes
where they were talking in public places

and the song she sang
was really good

so yup :)
so I want to post this before I watch Before Sunset
before it influenced my opinion of Before Sunrise

first of all
I want to talk about these kind of vacation
just walking around
looking at the places
people's way of life
the atmosphere of everyday life of people
of different countries and lifestyles
and if I can find a girl I love to go with
all the best

so the male lead
Jesse by Ethan Hawke
is this, which I felt,
but he was let down
and so now, he's cynical
because he's afraid
of being disappointed

the female lead
Julie Delpy playing Celine
is this young woman
who knows what she wants to be
a strong woman
but shes on her way there
in the meantime
she has her doubts and insecurity
the awkward stage of transition and how to do it

one of the phrase that really got my attention was
'Who says relationship must be forever?'
it kinda struck a chord with me
we kinda expect relationship to be forever
anything less is a failure
why do we feel this?
yes it may be short
but is it wrong if its the most beautiful moments of our lives?
whats the point of holding on
if youre just going to make it ugly?

they were also talking about how old couples
may get irritated or even hate the mannerisms of their partners
after years
and I was kinda thinking to myself that to love
is to acknowledge and accept the other person's faults
yeah I could do that
and yet recently
I got really pissed with my mother
on how she lives her life
and here I am
saying I can accept my the other half
when I cant even accept my mum's way of life
even I don't believe myself

I get why HuiJun introduced me to the movies(or rather series)
it kinda resemble our meeting yesterday
and if I forced it
it is kinda creepy how similar how meeting is
with the movies
met up with HuiJun today
at Dhoby Ghaut's MosBurger
Mos Burger is good
especially the croquette

as for the conversation
it was a bit depressing
we talked about Khin
from secondary school
is it me
or does everyone has complicated relationship?
too complicated for me to post about it here

after that we just kinda talked about relationship in general
type of partners
future and so on

she's one of the few
that helps me
to put my belief, principles and ideal
into more concrete form
a rare friend

and she introduced me to a couple of movies
a series actually
Before sunrise, Before sunset
shall watch it soon

Friday, June 14, 2013

okay okay
I know it's way~ overdue
09s20 gathering last sunday

in keeping with tradition
the gathering was at Bugis
with 5 people
Tim Bao Debbie and YY
first time Debs joined us
and Tim
we met at a late timing cause he had stuff
than he FORGOT about it
but in the end he came

I think it was a stress venting event for her
keep suan-ing me and Tim

Tim and Bao was like some old couple
the Tim to my Bao

and we went to get bubble tea after that
as usual

but it's really been a while
since I've laughed so much

Monday, June 3, 2013

so in Psycho-Pass
they said that
'Law is an accumulation of humans' feeling'
that law do not protect human
human protect law

quite an interesting take
we have always seen it from the point that law were made by people
to maintain order
to help society function
and to keep us safe

but we failed to see that it is due to those
who suffered injustice
victims of crime
that these laws were created
to make sure no one suffer the same fate
and that's why there are people
out there
protecting the law
and hence the people

law is not about you and me
it's about the past and future
finished Sundown yesterday
for my last marathon
it was a disappointed
it took me 4:33 hours
not mush different from my previous marathon
it was more so of my behaviour

disgusted me
I 'snatched' ice from a couple of ladies who were there
on their own to provide runners with food

and I walked a lot
it started with cramps
but as my legs alternate between ache and cramp
I started to tell myself that my legs were cramping
even though I knew they were cramps
so that I could walk
but this i'm not 100% sure
even now
whether they were cramps or ache


Monday, May 13, 2013

been a while
in fact
its been quite a long while

so today i'm gonna talk about something
a bit strange

lets talk about grotesque
I stumbled upon a mangaka
if you could call him that
by the name of kago shintaro
to say his manga is sick is to say the least

freak my mind out

all the grotesque human body
body parts

but because of seeing these manga
after seeing them
it kind of open up your mind
it makes you able to imagine of stuff you couldn't before

mostly because of seeing grotesque
we think that certain things are grotesque
cause they are not natural
things that you would never imagine before

once you saw them
you too are now able to imagine
in fact
you may be curious how far your mind may go

thus it open up your mind
free it
in a way that not only does it help you to be able to imagine
it frees you of the shackle of trying not to imagine them

grotesque for the sake of grotesque only is meaningless
things must be done for the sake of a purpose
to fall totally into abstractions is to fail

surrealism on the other hand
help bring grotesque into meaning
by combining it with everyday 'normal' stuff
it help to open up people's eyes
to see their everyday lives in a new perspective

and it keeps life interesting

Monday, April 22, 2013

been a while
going to talk a bit about myself

what i fear most.

What i fear most is being left behind. Not physically, well maybe yes, but i'm going to talk about being left behind in another sense.

I'm afraid that as everyone i know experience different stuff, studying overseas, travelling, I am left behind in my well. I love my well, I do, but that doesnt mean that should be all that i experience. I want to get out of my well, see the world, experience different stuff, be it good or bad, just not too bad. I would call this 'me growing up'. No longer am i the one sitting at the back, being 'worried' while others(read parents) solve the problem.

Know the saying 'Growing old is complusory, but not growing up.'? I agree, because growing up do not  happen on it's on. People have to make an effort to grow up.The reason our world is so screwed up is because, i think, people think that iit just automatically happens on it's on. It dont.

Grow up.


'Happiness is a prison'

Read this in V for Vendetta and it struck a chord within me.

People have this idea that to live is to be happy. I dont think this is totally right. Yes we want to be happy, and we should. But we need to work for it.

When we are born, we're in this family, we're happy, its blissful and all seems right in this world. Nothing wrong with this, till people refuse to leave this. I dont mean that they should break up the family or what but they refuse to do anything that may affect the status quo. They refuse to leave this prison they shut themselves in. Yes, outside the prison is scary. There will be unhappiness and pain. But there are so many other things too. And it doesnt mean that outside the prison there will not be happiness. There will be.

And maybe more.


one more post about friends but will leave it for later
trying to learn italian
La Bella Lingua

Saturday, April 13, 2013

met up with Atrina

i wanted to pass her the stuff i got in Japan
so when she opened it
all there was was a stone
and a happy card...

we met up at BukitPanjangPlaza
kinda just walked around
NTUC, Daiso and library
ate at HongKongStreats
thats where i gave her the stuff

she slimed down quite a lot
and for some reason her eyes kept flashing in my mind
realised they are quite pretty
and she is beautiful :)

oh and i found out that she broke up with her boyfriend

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Passed my driving test
in your face

thats all

Saturday, April 6, 2013

met up with HuiJun today
come to think of it
it's the first time we met up

i did see her in like 2011?
when she was working at Giants
and when i was working in NTUC
but those were where we met coincidentally

met up at JCube
before we decide to go over to IMM
for Udon
not sure if bias or what
but i think Jap's better

we mostly talked about Japan
our studies
as well as a bit of Sec School
i know
it sounds like we're old people

i had fun
in fact it made my day

Monday, April 1, 2013

Today was a sad day

Charmaine flew off to Japan today for study

stayed over at Grandma's house
and woke up at 5am
thats 3 days in a row of waking up so early

met her at Changyi
unfortunately didnt really get to talk to her
mostly just sit there and trying to doze
so ya
i'm the weird unknown who just flow the rest of the people

and she cried so much T.T

oh well

at the airport
they changed the waterfall
to some animated gold rain thingy
spent most of my time watching that
but what i wanted to say was i realised what i fear most
well post it next time

oh and Charmanie got a bf
didnt know bout that

Thursday, March 21, 2013

back from Japan
job aint over yet
have to distribute the souvenirs

met up with debbie at dhoby ghaut
to pass her her matcha stuff
then we had lunch at some jap restaurant
i still want Jap food
actually if you consider the portion
food in jap isnt that ex compared to singapore
in fact singapore is quite ex

met up with charmaine
for a bbq with her church
so passed her her stuff too
and i had a lot more fun at her bbq then i first thought

Huilin first
lol after meeting me
she was going back home le
pon lecture tsk tsk
then Bao
and she dyed her hair

carissa at ntu
she dyed her hair too though i knew this a while back le
mostly talked about relationship stuff
how she must be the frst girlfriend
i think a bit too hard haha

wed was joei
her magazine of oor

all that's left is Atrina's stuff
heard she's not well

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

I've put it off long enough
time to post about this


third time flying
first time alone

first of all
the sun in Japan is weird
it rises early and sets late
by 7am
the sun is bright as 10am
confusing me in my sleep
and by 6+pm
it's as dark as 9pm

schools start late too
at least i think so
still see students at 10am going to school
and their students are allowed to wear make up??

maybe cause their drama and movies are so realistic
it felt a bit surreal
as if i was in a drama

their services
what Singapore tried to do away with
Japan expand on them instead
but sometimes they are so used to it
they dont really appreciate it
quite sad
as well as the fact that our service is so bad
what is normal for them is like damn good service to us

oh and while waiting for trains
i literally saw people squeezing and pushing thier way into the trains
that was during peak hour
they really do wait for people to alight before they board it
and they dont give up their to the elderly like in Singapore

the porn
you could go to a bookshop
go down the wrong corner
and you could be in the adult section
same for video shops

it was too messy for me to navigate
there are like 3,4 shibuya100
when there's only one on my map
in the end i just wandered around on my own
oh and i went shibuya again few days later
and somehow a new street appeared!
thought i explored all the streets and alleys
i was wrong

there wasnt much there
maybe a street to shop

the Imperial Palace
on the way there
the street doesnt really feel like its Japan
and the Palace
if only i could get closer T.T

the Katana Museum
damn hard to find!!!
got lost even though i asked for help
but found it in the end
and it waas worth it
looking at all the sword
i could really feel the history
was damn touched

In Kabukicho
guys really hit on women
and there were male hosts everywhere
thought i saw some Yakuza too
but wasnt really sure

Ghibli Museum was pretty amazing
as well as the walk there
saw a house with a bit of fairytale feel
but that morning was quite bad though
wind was so strong that they had to stop the trains
and i swear
when i jumped
the wind carried me a little

the Japs
the goverenment seems to trust its people alot
like people were allowed to eat on trains
probably cause the goverenment
believe that their people won't litter

the school uniforms
both girls and boys
but their skirts are way short
even though its cold
and the guys hair are damn long

the japaneses also seem to have the inherent ability
to know what's cute
and you can say that they have a rather high self esteem?
their fashion
rather than following whats in magazine
i'd rather say the magazines follow what the young people are wearing

work seems tough there
people have to stand in the cold to get customers
the cashiers
they are really polite
and i like how they hand you your change
by counting the notes in front of you
plus they dont put the money they received into the cashier right away
instead they make sure you have the correct change first

spent too much at Akiba
and souvenirs are burdens
never telling people i'm going overseas next time
on the last day
was fretting over money
but went to a temple and immediately felt calm
the feel at the shrine was damn nice

saw a couple of people that resemble people i know
when the trains were delayed
saw a women who looked like Kristen
but she dressed more like a girl
with make up and stuff

and i saw a girl who reminded me of Tricia
i swear they totally look alike
but she looked younger
secondary school age?
with her hair in twin tails
which i dont think Tricia would ever do?
not sure
but my heart skipped bit
almost called out to her before i managed to hold myself back
cause i know even if it really is her
she wouldnt want me to call her
i was so confuse that i tried to her if the women with her is her mum
before i told myself it couldnt be her
if it was possible to take photo in Ghibli Museum
i would have asked her to take a pic with me

if i'm disappointed with the trip
it's that i couldnt really interact with them
due to my limited/lack of japanese

and thats about my trip
photos are on fb

strike one off my bucket list
add 2 more to it
definitely going back again
in summer
and to Kyoto
hopefully with better Jap
so as to interact with them better

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Universal Studio Singapore
just went yesterday

overall, I'd say it's fun
Transformers and Mummy
especially Transformers
the suspense and excitement

but i'm not here to talk anout them
i'm here to talk about

Cylon was the second ride i tried
after Transformers
we got there early
there was no queue
so i was at the front

halfway down from the 13 storey drop
my thought was
'What the fuck am i doing here?'
before i went back to freaking out

was the most fun i ever had
Human wasnt that scary
after Cylon that is

in total
Cylon-3 Human-2


since i'm finally posting something
i would like to talk about me liking thrill

this isnt true
well not really true
i do like thrill
but it's not the only reason

what i like is the fact that i'm there
with the decision to do something
i have a choice
whether to jump or not
but i know i dont really have a choice

and that's why i 'like' thrill

Monday, January 28, 2013

Went out with HuiLin today
had the most fun in recent time
and too much aegyo for one day
but i'm not complaining

met up at Jcube
was suppose to meet for dinner
but she only wanted IceKacang
and Jcube's one was out of red bean
so we decided to go IMM instead

and after that
all kind of nonsense came out of nowhere and everywhere
we just walked around and talked nonsense
it is more like us making noises

and when we were at Giants
there were giant teddy for sale
and she strangled one
then closed its eyes
though it sounds morbid
the way she did it was way WAY~ too cute
i couldnt stand it

she had her own...
how should i say it

well hope she had as much fun as i had
if not more